Fee structures are tailored to the individual engagement.
Such structures include:

For a project-based engagement, an estimate for the total job is made in a
proposal. Generally, 50 percent of the total fee is due at the commencement
of the work. The remainder is usually due in two other payments, reflecting
agreed upon milestones in the completion of the project. Flexible scope
clauses are routine.

Value Concepts does not generally consider contingent or speculative fee
arrangements. However, in appropriate circumstances, equity participation
will be considered.

Total fees for a valuation are variable, depending upon the needs of the end
user. A valuation or related project is a serious matter, however; potential
clients who believe otherwise should seek service elsewhere.

The scope of a project (which may change as the project evolves over the
course of an engagement) is driven by what you want to accomplish. The
depth and breadth of analysis, the manner of presentation, the fees and how
they are structured, all depend upon the needs of the intended users.

Value Concepts believes in enthusiastic and creative engagement
with clients. We are intensely interested in working with clients
who present unique, unusual or difficult problems. Together we'll
break new ground to invent a solution.

Consider the advantages of contracting with an independent firm such as
Value Concepts. Avoid the conflict of interest that often results in litigation
and regulatory distress for firms that offer both audit and consulting services.

You and your business are never taken for granted with Value Concepts.
We take your personal satisfaction and success as our responsibility, as
the reason for doing what we do. If we don't have the specific expertise
or experience to provide you with top-notch service, chances are excellent
that we know someone who does.


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